Catalan schools boycott Spain’s latest controversial measure on education

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Catalan schools boycott Spain's Minister of Education controversial measure

More than 360.000 3rd Grade Spanish students are due to take part on the first ever external examination under the LOMCE, Spain’s new, highly controversial education bill. […] In Catalonia about thirty schools are planning to boycott the test, despite the Ministry’s threat to bring disobedient schools to the courts.


The Catalan Labyrinth: Independence or constitutional reform?

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2015 – a super election year for Spain – is unlikely to offer new approaches that could lead to a solution. However, should the government constellation in Madrid change, offers to Catalonia and discussions about a constitutional reform could become quite possible in 2016. If such a development does not take place, a possible separation of Catalonia from the Spanish State can no longer be ruled out.


100 weeks explaining Catalonia on Twitter

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100 weeks explaining Catalonia on Twitter (DIPLOCAT)

The Twitter account, @CatalanVoices, welcomes its 100th participant this week. The Colombian musicologist Patricia Caicedo, who lives in Catalonia and will tweet this week from the @CatalanVoices Twitter account, is the 100th participant of a project that began exactly 100 weeks ago with American publisher Liz Castro, editor of the book “What’s up with Catalonia?”.


Pro-independence grassroots groups urge parties to agree on roadmap

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Agreement and elections campaign

The Catalan National Assembly (ANC) started a campaign to put pressure on political parties for a secession roadmap to be agreed upon. The independence process, which gathered momentum last November 9 with a symbolic referendum, has since stalled after the two biggest separatist parties have failed to agree on an electoral arrangement to bypass Spain’s permanent ban on a legal referendum.


Barcelona braces for massive demonstration for Catalan language at school

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More than 40 groups that make up the umbrella organisation Som Escola (“We’re school”) are calling for a historic demonstration in defence of Catalan language education at school. The event is expected to draw thousands from across Catalonia. Indeed, the protest has been called by teachers’ unions, parents associations, school & college federations and folklore groups.


Catalans raise human towers in Europe

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In yet another unique demonstration for self-determination, thousands of Catalans travelled over the weekend to eight different European cities –Brussels, London, Geneva, Paris, Berlin, Lisbon, Rome, Barcelona–, plus several other Catalan towns, … Read More