Catalan schools boycott Spain’s latest controversial measure on education

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Catalan schools boycott Spain's Minister of Education controversial measure

More than 360.000 3rd Grade Spanish students are due to take part on the first ever external examination under the LOMCE, Spain’s new, highly controversial education bill. […] In Catalonia about thirty schools are planning to boycott the test, despite the Ministry’s threat to bring disobedient schools to the courts.


International media report on anti-Catalan hate speech following plane crash

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Twitter user @elsomatent compiled a news digest from international media reactions to the surge of abuse and hatred speech against the victims of the German Wings air crash which took place yesterday, March 24. Spain’s interior ministry today announced it will prosecute the authors of tens of mocking messages on social media.


When can Catalans stop apologizing for being Catalan?

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When can Catalans stop apologizing for being Catalan? — Medium

And then the waves of anti-Catalan hate tweets began. “I think the plane accident is just fine if it was full of Catalans.” “Plane full of Catalans and Germans crashes in France. #winwinwin” “Come on, don’t get bent out of shape, it was just Catalans in the plane, not people.” “OK, I’m going to say what half of Spain is thinking: here’s hoping that those 45 Spanish surnames belong to Catalans, Basques and [despective term for South Americans]”.


Catalan Tax Rebels Dig In for Battle to Escape From Spain

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Artur Mas (Bloomberg)

A doctor, a graphic designer and a lawyer from Catalonia are road-testing a mechanism for paying taxes that could give the regional president, Artur Mas, a decisive weapon in his campaign to force independence from Spain.


Spain: bullfighting war resumes in Barcelona

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The bullfighting war returns to Barcelona. The Popular Party government has started an offensive to re-open the ‘plazas de toros’ in Catalonia and secure the legislation so that no region can ban fighting, as occurred three years ago in the Catalan autonomous community.


“You, a convicted minister!” – namecalling and mudslinging in the Catalan parliament

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"You, a convicted minister!" - namecalling and mudslinging in the Catalan parliament (openDemocracy)

One thing is certain: the courts’ repeated rulings against Rigau’s ministry do sound a bit biased; they don’t  acknowledge the awesome job that’s been carried out in Catalonia – bilingualism can now be universally achieved: a synaptic feast. In a land where the levers of power have lately been in the hands of native Catalan speakers, making the language available to everyone is an act of generosity.


Judge Vidal about to get the sack over draft Catalan Constitution

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Judge Vidal about to get the sack over draft Catalan Constitution (Diari Ara)

Antonio Fonseca, the member of Spain’s General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) tasked with disciplinary action, accuses the Catalan judge of “being actively involved” in the drafting of a Catalan Constitution “entirely on his own accord”.


Spanish govt. studies appeal to Constitutional Court against opening of Catalan govt. delegations in Rome, Vienna

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Spain's Foreign Minister Margallo (Vilaweb)

The Spanish Foreign Minister, José Manuel García-Margallo, has announced that the Spanish government is studying the possibility of bringing a contentious administrative appeal before the Spanish Constitutional Court over the opening of Catalan government delegations in Rome and Vienna and the Law of foreign action approved by the Parliament of Catalonia on 26 November 2014.


Grassroots group ACPV will denounce Spain’s linguistic “supremacism” before UN

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Valencian language at the UN

Following a session evaluating the state of human rights in Spain, which took place last January 21 in Geneve, the voice of Valencians will be heard at the UN headquarters next June. This has been possible thanks to the legal support by the European Network for Linguistic Equality (ELEN), which enabled Valencian grassroots groups Acció Cultural del País Valencià (ACPV) and Escola Valenciana (EV) to took part at the working sessions.


Review: Victus – The Fall of Barcelona, by Albert Sánchez Pinol

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Catalan independence (Irish Times)

Spanish prime mariano Rajoy recently went to Paris to express his support for freedom of expression in the wake of the horrific killings there. Last September the Instituto Cervantes was due to launch the Dutch edition of Victus. Just days before it was due to be held, the Spanish embassy in the Netherlands ordered that the launch be cancelled.


The GCJ proposes expel the judge who helped draft the constitution Catalan

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The GCJ proposes expel the judge who helped draft the constitution Catalan

The Catalan magistrate is one of the lawyers who worked on drafting the draft constitution eventual Catalan. The text defines Catalonia as a nation that is configured as a republic with a prime minister and a president and executive positions which exert their posts up two legislatures.


Indications Show Catalonia Chief Broke Law in Referendum: Reports

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Sputnik News on Catalonia

In several judicial decrees, the Civil and Criminal Superior Court of Catalonia considered that there were indications that the President of Catalonia and other members of his government did not obey the “express order” of the Constitutional Court to suspend the referendum.


“Dear editor”: Spanish diplomats fight back

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Spanish embassy in London (Wikimedia Commons)

As Catalan pro-independence actors –government and civil society alike– increase their lobbying efforts for the case for Catalan independence, Spain’s diplomatic corps are growing anxious. Embassies in Ireland, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Italy have publicly vowed to fight back.


Wednesday News Roundup

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Image: @jordicalvis Catalan Assembly | Catalan citizens complain to the UN, EU and OSCE for the violation of their democratic rights Catalan citizens file complaints to request the support of international institutions to … Read More