Catalan language under renewed attack in Valencia

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Valencian government

*Photo: La Veu del País Valencià

Cultural organisations and political parties in the Valencian Country have denounced that the People’s Party government is stepping up attacks against Catalan language, also known as Valencian. According to Escola Valenciana, a grassroots organisation working to promote Valencian-medium schooling, the government is enforcing measures by which the language is losing ground year after year.

El Punt Avui | Escola Valenciana warns of new attack in Valencia [Catalan] Alarms keep going off in Valencia concerning Catalan usage and teaching. Last week an academic study warned that the percentage of native Valencian speakers is likely to drop to less than 10% in 2050 unless the Valencian government revises its linguistic policies. However, these warnings don’t seem to work for the current government, led by Alberto Fabra, which keeps on reducing the space for the language even in those areas where it enjoys especial protection, such as education.

In other news, the Valencian opposition party Esquerra Unida del País Valencià yesterday denounced that the conservative government is trying to go back to the times of the Spanish Inquisition with the new ‘Bill on identity symbols’ which the executive has outlined.

MP Lluís Torró considers the ‘Bill on identity symbols’ absurd and anti-constitutional because of its refusal to provide public funding to those organisations using the traditional name ‘País Valencià’ [for ‘Valencian Country’] instead of the official ‘Comunitat Valenciana’ [‘Valencian Community’]. La Veu