The Spanish Army: untouchable de facto power

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Editorial: The Spanish Army remains a stronghold of far-right, ultra-nationalist thinking and action, having seen no ideological change since the transition from Franco’s dictatorship. They continue to reward those who persecute minorities, having rewarded those who in the 1980s attempted coups against the fledgling Spanish democracy, as well as expressing support for General Francisco Franco, in 2018.


Catalonia: The disgraceful march continues

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Gabriel Laflèche, of Swiss magazine l’1Dex, has penned a short, political piece, examining the so-called national characters of Spain and Catalonia. His examination of the “consquistador” nature of the Spanish political elite, and a national politics based on victory and humiliation of the defeated, rather than brokered peace and shared power, mean chances of peaceful co-existence are low, between the Spanish and the Catalans.


Moment 3.- 2007-2009 Years of popular mobilization

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They are years of popular mobilization and construction of pro-sovereignty organizations (the CUP is organized in Barcelona, ​​the 3rd Catalanist Congress is celebrated, the 1st Pact for Self-determination is signed; … Read More