Constitutional Court tells Catalan Government it will investigate and suspend indy resolutions

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Ainhoa Sorronsal from El Nacional.Cat

Just as they did on Tuesday with the members of the Catalan Parliament’s presiding board, today at midday civil servants from the Higher Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) communicated to the President and government ministers (consellers) that the Constitutional Court had suspended the resolutions affecting the Referendum and the constituent Process. The communication reminds the members of the Catalan Government that, according to the High Court, they are obliged to forbid iniciatives taking place if they go against the Constitutional Court’s rulings such as those leading to a break-away process from the Spanish State. It also explicitly informs that it is opening an investigation to purge possible reponsibilities. Paradoxically enough, the communication made by the TSJC’s agents was conducted at the very same moment that the plenary session was debating a text in defence of freedom of speech and the right of the Parliament’s members to take parliamentary iniciatives and the commitment to preserve them through their governing bodies. Indeed, President and ministers left the plenary session to receive the communication. When they came back to the chamber, some of them showed the communications they had received getting applause from some of the MPs present.