Was this an earthquake in Spanish politics? Not quite, but it’s coming soon

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Historic victory for Ada Colau in municipal elections in Barcelona (The Guardian)

Despite being left aside for the duration of the campaign it’s still there: the stubborn Catalan issue. At least in theory, there will be a Catalan regional election in September which – if it finally takes place – will be no ordinary vote. The Catalan government intends to turn it into a referendum on independence, no less, and if Sunday’s results are replicated then it may actually win it.


International media report on anti-Catalan hate speech following plane crash

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Twitter user @elsomatent compiled a news digest from international media reactions to the surge of abuse and hatred speech against the victims of the German Wings air crash which took place yesterday, March 24. Spain’s interior ministry today announced it will prosecute the authors of tens of mocking messages on social media.


Artur Mas: For a free and European Catalonia

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Le Tribunal constitutionnel espagnol a déclaré, fin février, anticonstitutionnelle la loi permettant d’organiser des référendums au niveau local, loi pourtant validée par le Parlement de Catalogne. Ce texte avait obtenu une majorité de 106 voix contre 28, ce qui montre bien le large consensus politique et citoyen qui existe en Catalogne pour la tenue d’une consultation citoyenne d’intérêt général et non contraignante. Cette loi devait constituer, a posteriori, la base juridique pour l’organisation du référendum sur le statut politique de la Catalogne, qui eut lieu le 9 novembre.


Why 2015 Will Create a More Fragmented Spain

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Why 2015 Will Create a More Fragmented Spain (Stratfor)

The elections in Catalonia will be somewhat different because they will be directly linked to the issue of independence. After the Catalan government failed to organize a binding independence referendum in 2014 — Madrid blocked the idea, forcing Catalonia to hold a nonbinding consultation — the ruling Convergence and Union party decided to call for early elections.


Government of Catalonia endorses a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly

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Government of Catalonia endorses a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly

The government of the Spanish autonomous community of Catalonia supports the international campaign for the establishment of a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly. In a formal ceremony, the Catalan Secretary for Foreign and European Union Affairs, Roger Albinyana, and the Catalan Director General for Multilateral and European Affairs, Manuel Manonelles, signed a document stating the government’s endorsement.


Catalonia’s Nationalists Lose Support – Poll

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Catalonia’s Nationalists Lose Support – Poll (Sputnik)

Supporters of the autonomous region of Catalonia’s independence from Spain are losing strength, with less people now supporting secession, according to the Center of Opinion Studies (CEO) published Friday.


Catalan Business Comes Out

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Catalan Business Comes Out

Some surveys suggest Catalan business executives are more wary of secession than the general population. A survey published in July by PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP found just over a quarter favored a referendum on independence, while more than half favored some kind of negotiated solution to keep Spain together.


Spain’s Catalonia seeks own tax system

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Spain’s Catalonia seeks own tax system (PressTV)

The government of Catalan President Artur Mas has enlisted a former Spanish tax inspector, Joan Iglesias, to prepare the administration to collect its own taxes. Iglesias said on Friday that the Catalan tax authority could collect about €100 billion (USD113 billion) in taxes a year, more than the €65 billion (USD72 billion) needed for an independent Catalan state.


Le président catalan veut préparer l’Etat régional à l’indépendance

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Le président catalan veut préparer l'Etat régional à l'indépendance (La Tribune)

Le président de la Generalitat, le gouvernement régional catalan, Artur Mas, a annoncé mardi 17 février, un plan pour « déconnecter » la région de l’Espagne. Ce plan s’inscrit dans le cadre de la convocation, le 27 septembre prochain, des comices électoraux catalans. Cette élection sera très particulière puisque les partis indépendantistes veulent en faire un scrutin « plébiscitaire », autrement dit une sorte de référendum de fait sur l’indépendance de la Catalogne.


Spain: bullfighting war resumes in Barcelona

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The bullfighting war returns to Barcelona. The Popular Party government has started an offensive to re-open the ‘plazas de toros’ in Catalonia and secure the legislation so that no region can ban fighting, as occurred three years ago in the Catalan autonomous community.


“You, a convicted minister!” – namecalling and mudslinging in the Catalan parliament

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"You, a convicted minister!" - namecalling and mudslinging in the Catalan parliament (openDemocracy)

One thing is certain: the courts’ repeated rulings against Rigau’s ministry do sound a bit biased; they don’t  acknowledge the awesome job that’s been carried out in Catalonia – bilingualism can now be universally achieved: a synaptic feast. In a land where the levers of power have lately been in the hands of native Catalan speakers, making the language available to everyone is an act of generosity.


Peter Geoghegan: The People’s Referendum

Catalan MonitorHerald Scotland

Herald Scotland

Anyone wanting to take stock of the events of 2014 could do worse than to include this book on their reading list. It’s a snapshot of the varied shades of opinion in Scotland at the height of its engagement with politics, and highlights how attitudes towards independence were partly moulded by the history and economic conditions of each of its regions.


Catalonia to open 50 missions worldwide [VIDEO]

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PressTV interviews Catalan journalists on independence

After many failed attempts to bring the Spanish government to recognize an unofficial popular vote on the independence of Catalonia, the government of Artur Mas has announced it will open diplomatic missions in 50 locations around the world.


An independent Catalonia: is it a dream?

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Marti Anglada interviewed by L'1dex

“It was an open and sincere discussion revolving on sensitive subjects, which quite often are not well understood by the Swiss, bred as we are on direct democracy and referenda. Sensitive subjects, which are almost always reviewed by our press under the light of the Madrid environment, where most of our correspondents live.”


Catalonia to open 50 delegation offices

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Catalan independence, by PressTV

The Catalan government has announced that it aims to open some 50 embassies across the globe to represent the interests of Catalonia, a region in northeastern Spain that seeks independence.


Spain and Catalonia: Mas observation

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Catalan president Artur Mas (The Economist)

Catalan independence, if it ever happens, has been pushed back at least seven months after the region’s president, Artur Mas, decided not to call a snap election but to opt instead for September 27th.


Catalonia’s diplomatic offensive

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Le Figaro

La Catalogne va se doter de nouvelles représentations à l’étranger en 2015, pour anticiper une éventuelle sécession si le camp indépendantiste l’emporte lors des élections régionales annoncées pour septembre, a-t-on appris aujourd’hui auprès de son exécutif.


Catalan Leader Calls Early Vote in Push for Independence

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Artur Mas (Bloomberg)

Mas reached an agreement with his separatist rival, Esquerra Republicana leader Oriol Junqueras, to run separate tickets, but with a common road map toward secession, making it a de facto referendum on secession.


Defiant Catalonia leader Artur Mas calls early election

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Catalan independence (BBC News)

Mr Mas’s pro-independence CiU coalition has failed to agree on a joint candidate list with the second-biggest party, the similarly separatist ERC. But they say that before the vote they will present a common roadmap towards independence from Spain. The region already has a high degree of autonomy.