Why 2015 Will Create a More Fragmented Spain

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Why 2015 Will Create a More Fragmented Spain (Stratfor)

The elections in Catalonia will be somewhat different because they will be directly linked to the issue of independence. After the Catalan government failed to organize a binding independence referendum in 2014 — Madrid blocked the idea, forcing Catalonia to hold a nonbinding consultation — the ruling Convergence and Union party decided to call for early elections.


Politics is still central to Barcelona’s rivalry with Real Madrid

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On first glance, the crowd seems fairly homogenous. Yes, the majority are wearing maroon and blue stripes, while one noisy corner tucked into the top of Camp Nou is decked out in white. But the voices sound similar, the faces nearly blend together. At first it’s difficult to believe the spectators are divided by 125 years of history, their political legacies positioning them at opposite ends of a spectrum. It is only when you focus that you notice the flags being waved don’t bear the Spanish shield; that the rippling chants have a dissonance that sends them off-key before finding your ear.


Catalan Tax Rebels Dig In for Battle to Escape From Spain

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Artur Mas (Bloomberg)

A doctor, a graphic designer and a lawyer from Catalonia are road-testing a mechanism for paying taxes that could give the regional president, Artur Mas, a decisive weapon in his campaign to force independence from Spain.


Spain: bullfighting war resumes in Barcelona

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The bullfighting war returns to Barcelona. The Popular Party government has started an offensive to re-open the ‘plazas de toros’ in Catalonia and secure the legislation so that no region can ban fighting, as occurred three years ago in the Catalan autonomous community.


Why Catalonia needs an Edinburgh Agreement

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Scottish Conservative MEP Ian Duncan

“It remains unclear how the Catalan conundrum will be resolved. […] My gut feeling is that the issue will only be resolved when the politicians from Barcelona and Madrid sit in the same room and hammer out their own Edinburgh Agreement. Then it will work.”


The GCJ proposes expel the judge who helped draft the constitution Catalan

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The GCJ proposes expel the judge who helped draft the constitution Catalan

The Catalan magistrate is one of the lawyers who worked on drafting the draft constitution eventual Catalan. The text defines Catalonia as a nation that is configured as a republic with a prime minister and a president and executive positions which exert their posts up two legislatures.


Indications Show Catalonia Chief Broke Law in Referendum: Reports

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Sputnik News on Catalonia

In several judicial decrees, the Civil and Criminal Superior Court of Catalonia considered that there were indications that the President of Catalonia and other members of his government did not obey the “express order” of the Constitutional Court to suspend the referendum.


Ten Elections to Watch in 2015

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A subsidiary factor in the [Spanish] election could be the future of Catalonia. Rajoy has been a fierce opponent of Catalan secession, a position that plays well in much of the country, excepting Catalonia of course.


Spagna: Costituzione in cerca di autore

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Q CODE MAG on Catalonia

It is significant that, according to data by the CIS, from 1998 to 2012 the majority of Catalans gradually begin to turn away from the constitutional text, with an acceleration precisely from 2008 onwards.


New king says corruption must be eliminated

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AP on Catalonia

Aiming to reduce secessionist fervor in Catalonia, Felipe said Catalans who speak their own language and pride themselves with a culture they say is distinct are an important part of Spain’s social fabric.


Podemos courts the Catalan vote

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Podemos' Pablo Iglesias

The leaders of Spain’s emerging political force, Podemos, visited Catalonia on Sunday to try to convince voters that they are a credible alternative to the unionist-secessionist dilemma.


Catalonia court opens investigation of mock independence vote

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The formal investigation will center on Catalonia’s President Artus Mas, as well as Deputy Prime Minister Joana Ortega and Education Minister Irene Rigau for their roles in organizing or facilitating the November 9 vote.


Spain investigates Catalonia leader over independence vote

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Artur Mas (Russia Today)

Catalonia’s high court said Monday it is going to open an investigation into the alleged disobedience of regional president Artur Mas for holding a symbolic independence referendum in November in defiance of Madrid’s opposition.


Spain’s state prosecutor steps down after spat over Catalonia

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Torres-Dulce had fought for the independence of his role when the central government pressed him to bring a lawsuit against Catalan head Artur Mas for going ahead with a symbolic vote on secession from Spain after Madrid blocked a full-blown referendum in the courts.


“Dear editor”: Spanish diplomats fight back

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Spanish embassy in London (Wikimedia Commons)

As Catalan pro-independence actors –government and civil society alike– increase their lobbying efforts for the case for Catalan independence, Spain’s diplomatic corps are growing anxious. Embassies in Ireland, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Italy have publicly vowed to fight back.


Monday News Roundup

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Teresa Forcades (Wikimedia)

The Telegraph | Catalan referendum plans thwarted by government Archbishop Desmond Tutu comes out in support of independence vote, as Madrid goverment calls it a “perversion” of the democratic process Bloomberg | … Read More


Friday News Roundup

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It was expected the court would grant the government’s request for an injunction […]. But analysts said another legal victory for Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy ’s government wouldn’t resolve the political discontent simmering in Spain’s leading industrial region, which is increasingly at odds with the rest of Spain over economic and linguistic issues.


Thursday News Roundup

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Vilaweb | Rajoy moves ahead with its challenge to independence vote, as it draws more support in Catalonia The eight members of the standing committee of the Spanish government’s Council of … Read More