Why 2015 Will Create a More Fragmented Spain

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Why 2015 Will Create a More Fragmented Spain (Stratfor)

The elections in Catalonia will be somewhat different because they will be directly linked to the issue of independence. After the Catalan government failed to organize a binding independence referendum in 2014 — Madrid blocked the idea, forcing Catalonia to hold a nonbinding consultation — the ruling Convergence and Union party decided to call for early elections.


Catalonia’s diplomatic offensive

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Le Figaro

La Catalogne va se doter de nouvelles représentations à l’étranger en 2015, pour anticiper une éventuelle sécession si le camp indépendantiste l’emporte lors des élections régionales annoncées pour septembre, a-t-on appris aujourd’hui auprès de son exécutif.


Catalan leaders announce early elections in September

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Agreement for early election (Government of Catalonia)

2015 is definitely set to be a crucial year in Catalonia and Spain politics. Following Artur Mas’ call of regional elections, Catalans will be summoned to polling booths up to three times throughout the year.