Torra meets with the President of Slovenia

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Photo: The presidents of Catalonia and Slovenia (Credit: Vilaweb)

By: Staff Writers
Date: December 6th 2018

The president of the Republic of Slovenia, Borut Pahor, received the president of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, today [6th December] in the morning in Ljubljana, where he went on an official visit. Pahor published a photograph of the meeting, which he indicated had been informal. Torra also met with former president Milan Kučan and MEP, Ivo Vajgl.

See the tweet below for a video of the kick-off of the meeting:

After the meeting with Pahor, the president of the Generalitat told journalists that he had explained “the yearning for freedom of the people of Catalonia”.

At the meeting with Milan Kučan, Torra appealed to the international community to not remain silent, confronted with the situation in Catalonia, including the existence of political prisoners, some on hunger strike. He also asserted that it should be obvious that this is a fight which affects all democrats worldwide, and those who value democracy, justice and truth.

Torra received support from Slovenia’s first president, after the country’s declaration of independence. Kučan affirmed that he hopes that the situation in Catalonia will be resolved with dialogue between Madrid and Barcelona and not in courts and with repression. In addition, he asserted that human life should not be put at risk by an essentially political affair, in relation to the hunger strikes of Sánchez, Rull, Turull and Forn, a measure of protest that he considered extreme. “I think that Spain is capable of dialogue,” he said.

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