Monday News Roundup

Catalan MonitorNews Roundup

Teresa Forcades (Wikimedia)
The Guardian | Why I want independence for Catalonia
Teresa Forcades, social activist, Benedictine nun writes at ‘Comment is Free’: “I am Catalan and I have two reasons to want Catalonia to become an independent state as soon as possible. The first is to improve the quality of our democracy, and the second is to preserve and foster cultural diversity.”

The Telegraph | Catalan referendum plans thwarted by government
Archbishop Desmond Tutu comes out in support of independence vote, as Madrid goverment calls it a “perversion” of the democratic process

Bloomberg | Rajoy Assailed as Spain’s Podemos Surges, Catalans Vote
Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy is being challenged on a second front as support for the anti-establishment Podemos party surges before an informal ballot on Catalonian independence.

Yabiladi | Campagne séduction des indépendantistes catalans envers les Marocaines
« Les femmes marocaines ont montré beaucoup d’intérêt par rapport au processus conduisant à l’indépendance de la Catalogne, consistant à aller voter dimanche prochain et exprimer librement leurs points de vue sur l’avenir de la Catalogne »

The Wall Street Journal | Catalan Hamlet Thumbs Nose at Authorities in Madrid by Flying Tiny Spanish Flag
The Spanish flag affixed to the town-hall facade of this Catalan hamlet isn’t something you’d expect to see on a public building. It is so small it looks like it ought to be attached to a toothpick protruding from a plate of flan.

Ara | Bill Shipsey (AI): “Only Catalans can set the ‘ne plus ultra’ to their independence aspirations”
The founder and chair of Art for Amnesty says that “self-determination is a core principle of international law, arising from customary international law, but also recognized as a general principle of law, and enshrined in international treaties”.

London Review of Books | La bossa sona
Madrid’s appeal to reason is predictable: ‘Catalans! Accept reality. Accept the law. Live up to your reputation for industriousness. Get back to work.’

*Image: Teresa Forcades (Wikimedia)