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WSJ | Spain to Ask Court to Block Catalonia Vote
It was expected the court would grant the government’s request for an injunction […]. But analysts said another legal victory for Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy ’s government wouldn’t resolve the political discontent simmering in Spain’s leading industrial region, which is increasingly at odds with the rest of Spain over economic and linguistic issues.

Business Standard | Spanish government challenges Catalonia’s symbolic vote on independence
The alternative vote was called by Catalonia’s nationalist regional government after its planned non-binding referendum was suspended when the high tribunal accepted to consider an appeal by the central government branding it illegal.

Vilaweb | Artur Mas: ‘The Spanish government has crossed the threshold of the ridiculous’
The president of the Government of Catalonia reacts to the new legal challenge to the independence consultation vote in an interview with VilaWeb.

Euronews | Spain: state adviser backs veto of Catalonia independence vote

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The Local | Cabinet moves to block new Catalan ballot
According to an opinion poll carried out by the Catalan administration’s CEO survey agency, 49.4 percent of the region’s citizens would have voted yes to independence in the original referendum since suspended by the Constitutional Court. Allowing for abstention, the survey team said this meant that the result would have been a victory for independence supporters.

Reuters | Spain says will seek to block watered-down Catalan vote on independence
The government will now ask the Constitutional Court on Friday to rule on the legality of the vote, Saenz de Santamaria said. Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy referred this week to the ‘consultation’ as a ‘pseudo vote’. It is unclear how the central government would enforce a block on the vote if Catalan leaders decide to press ahead.

PressTV | Catalan new independence referendum illegal: Spain council
If the symbolic referendum were to be held, a “Yes” for independence referendum would not automatically lead to the secession of the region. The vote would only give the Catalan president the mandate to negotiate independence with the Spanish administration.

EurActiv | Spanish government moves against Catalonia’s ‘pseudo vote’
In October, the wealthy northeastern region of Catalonia dropped plans for a non-binding 9 November referendum on independence from Spain, after the court declared such a vote against the constitution. Catalan leader Artur Mas instead announced plans for an alternative consultation on the same day, equally non-binding, and open to anyone who wants to cast their ballot. It will be marshalled largely by volunteers.

Bloomberg | Rajoy Files Suit to Block Catalonia’s Independence Vote

If Rajoy does opt to renew the legal pressure on the separatists it may help Mas to restore links with his allies that were strained over his decision to retreat from their original plan.

Help Catalonia | How did Catalonia get to the present point
A timeline to explain in a nutshell how we got here. It allows us to understand the evolution of this movement, in which Catalan civil society is the one pushing political leaders to organise a referendum.