Thursday News Roundup

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Vilaweb | Rajoy moves ahead with its challenge to independence vote, as it draws more support in Catalonia
The eight members of the standing committee of the Spanish government’s Council of State, along with its president, José Manuel Romay de Beccaría, today unanimously signed off on the decision to challenge the independence vote that will take place on 9 November in Catalonia.

Ara | Fascist salute in Parliament: PP had invited expelled troublemakers
“Long live Spain! We’re Spanish, whether you like it or not!” Amid these cries, a group of guests who identified themselves as representatives of the “October 12th Movement” had to be expelled from the public gallery of the Catalan Parliament. But how did they ever get in? Parliamentary sources have confirmed to ARA that they had been invited by Alícia Sánchez-Camacho’s PP. In fact, one of the troublemakers was Francisco Ribas, the head of the list for the PP in Tona.

Jurist | Spain state advisor supports move to block Catalonia independence vote
The Spanish state adviser on Thursday announced support for a veto of a watered-down Catalan vote on independence planned for November 9, making it likely that the Spanish government will attempt to have the Catalan “consultation of citizens” blocked by the courts. Spain’s Council of State unanimously decided that the government should ask the Constitutional Court to declare the vote illegal.

DW | Generational change in Catalonia


The Parliament Magazine | Ramon Tremosa: “Catalan referendum is an opportunity for Europe
Whether or not they are in favour of Catalan independence, political leaders shouldn’t be afraid of letting people express themselves peacefully and democratically. Above all, in the 21st century, political leaders shouldn’t fear polls and letting people vote in order to choose what they believe is best for their future.

Le Monde | Catalogne : le Conseil d’Etat juge illégal le vote symbolique sur l’indépendance
Si le gouvernement décide de contester le vote, il devra alors saisir le Tribunal constitutionnel, qui décidera s’il y a lieu de le suspendre. Cette consultation symbolique avait été annoncée le 14 octobre après l’abandon par l’exécutif catalan, dirigé par le nationaliste conservateur Artur Mas, d’un projet de référendum consultatif en bonne et due forme attendu depuis dix mois par ses administrés.

Notícias ao Minuto | Catalunha: O maior exercício de desobediência em muitos anos
Miquel Buch, presidente da Associação Catalã de Municípios (ACM), promete que, com ou sem recursos de Madrid, o “clamor social” a favor do direito a decidir sobre o futuro da Catalunha não vai parar de crescer.

Iguálitarista | Catalonia lurches into the unknown after high court suspends referendum
Catalonia has been intensely debating its relationship with Spain for a decade now, going back to the autonomy statute in 2006 that was scaled down by this same constitutional court in 2010. This disappointment is a crucial part in the rise of independence sentiment over the last few years, a rise overly attributed to the economic crisis by the international media. Catalan aspirations for self-rule can only suffer so many setbacks before the rupture between Catalonia and the Spanish state becomes complete.