Moment 3.- 2007-2009 Years of popular mobilization

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They are years of popular mobilization and construction of pro-sovereignty organizations (the CUP is organized in Barcelona, ​​the 3rd Catalanist Congress is celebrated, the 1st Pact for Self-determination is signed; the Popular Queries on Independence are started from the first consultation at Arenys de Munt; the Sovereignty and Justice platform linked to the Christian Democrats is founded; there is an intense activity of Platforms such as the Platform for Language, the Coordinator for the Catalan Language (CAL), the Dignity Commission, the Movement Som; the acts of sovereignty begin in the streets …


The PDD organizes the popular campaign if signatures in favour of the motto: “I decide to decide” (71,826 verified, which are delivered, months later, to the Parliament’s petitions commission on 01-20-01) and convenes a new demonstration, again multimodal, (1-12- 07) with the motto “We are a nation and we have the right to decide” on our infrastructures in protest for the disastrous energy and rail transport service suffered by Catalans and the tolls on the roads. On March 7, 2009 a popular march is convened in Brussels, “10,000 in Brussels” at one of the first major internationalization events for the Catalans. The so-called “acts of sovereignty” are multiplied and concentrations and demonstrations that claim to end labour precariousness and cuts in social services of health, education and social benefits (great manifestation 03-28-09); how to claim the linguistic normalization of Catalan (19-04-09) and a television of the entire Catalan-speaking territory: the Popular Legislative Initiative for a Television without Frontiers with 500,000 signatures that are rejected by the Spanish Parliament; Montjuïc castle in Barcelona was suronded, being ​​a scene of great repression with many executions (16-05-09) called bu the Dignity Commission involved, too, in the recovery of the historical memory and of all the Catalan documents confiscated in the immediate postwar period and held in Salamanca; a massive and symbolic burial of the Constitution and the Statute with two coffins (11-June-2009) is celebrated in commemoration of the historical day of 1640 known as the Corpus of Blood and a concentration with thousands of people in Barcelona as an Act of Sovereignty (June 27, 2009). On September 11th, on the national day of 2009, the first referendum – popular consultation on independence in the town of Arenys de Munt is convened for 3 days later – on 13 September.