Moment 5-. 2012-2014: A project towards Independence: The Catalan National Assembly (ANC), the Association of Municipalities for Independence (AMI), the action of political parties and affairs of corruption

Catalan MonitorHistory, Special Report

On March 10th, 2012, as a result of this accumulation of actions and mobilizations, the Catalan National Assembly (ANC) was founded, which quickly extended its organization to town or county assemblies or district or sector ones throughout Catalonia. It is made up of individual persons in a personal capacity. Its objective is clearly to move towards independence. It does not seek to pamper politicians but push them out of autonomy and the Spanish Constitution, in an irreversible way, towards the independence and construction of their own state, by exercising the right to self-determination.

The ANC calls the demonstration of September 11, 2012 under the slogan “Catalunya, new state of Europe”. And the purpose of this mobilization is explicit: to modify the political dynamics and to cause a wave of change towards the break with the Spanish Constitution of 1978. The enormous success of participation (almost 2 million people) in itself caused changes. The President of the Generalitat, then Artur Mas, was interviewed by an ANC delegation that proposed to finish the legislature and convene new autonomous elections with a pact for freedom. Artur Mas had attempted to propose a new fiscal pact with the Spanish government (July 2012) to combat the economic asphyxiation and tax burden that was even stronger as the new Autonomous Liquidity Fund (FLA), in which the State returns a small part of what it collects from Catalans in the form of credit with a 5% interest, was instated. An authentic robbery. The blank refusal of the Spanish government to a new fiscal pact coupled with the massive mobilization of that September 11 led President Mas to convene early elections, as claimed by the ANC.


The new Parliament – including 3 elected members of the CUP- passes a declaration of sovereignty with 85 votes in favor, 41 against and two abstentions. PP MPs left the chamber during the vote.


It is, especially as of this moment, that the secret services of the State and its sewers mount what later (year 2017) has been known as “Operation Catalonia”, created to sabotage the sovereignty process with false information, or by highlighting issues of corruption at will, following the electoral calendar. This is how –as we know it now- the subject of recordings of an allegedly confidential conversation between the president of the Catalan PP and an ex-partner of the eldest son of former President Pujol accused her former lover of taking money to Andorra. Thus it is explained that the same former President Pujol admits publicly (26-07-14) that he had undeclared money in Andorra, which rightly writes off his public image and his political legacy. Thus it is explained that shortly before the municipal elections of 2015, Mayor Trias was falsely accused of having money abroad, an accusation that costs the mayor a few votes of difference with the current winner group Mayor Ada Colau, of the new movement Podem. Thus, it explains that corruption issues that were dragged along for years, such as the Palau de la Música case in which allegedly money was exchanged with CDC party in exchange for concessions (case of 3%). This is how the conspiracy, also recorded, is explained between Spanish Interior Minister Fernández Díaz and the prosecutor in the anti-fraud unit of Catalonia that uses half truths and many lies aimed at abolishing the pro-independence process and alternative struggles (as has been made clear in the recent documentary “The sewers of interior” – Las cloacas de Interior).

The PDD, now with the active collaboration of the main cultural entity of Catalunya -Òmnium Cultural- and the Association of Municipalities for Independence (AMI), continues with its political mobilizations, in a multitudinous concert in the Barça Stadium (Concert for Freedom 06-29-2013), and organizing the National Day events on September 11th, 2013, with a human chain that crossed Catalonia from Portbou to Catalonia North to Vinaròs in the Valencian Country (1,600,000 participants ), on September 11, 2014 with the “V” drawn on two great avenues of Barcelona with 1.700.000) reproducing the Catalan flag with yellow and red t-shirts; the 11S of 2015 “Via Lliure” occupying all the kilometers of the Meridiana avenue of Barcelona. The capacity for mobilization and organization of the pro-independence movement is clearly demonstrated and the repeated claim of a referendum on self-determination as well.