Catalan schools boycott Spain’s latest controversial measure on education

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Catalan schools boycott Spain's Minister of Education controversial measure

More than 360.000 3rd Grade Spanish students are due to take part on the first ever external examination under the LOMCE, Spain’s new, highly controversial education bill. […] In Catalonia about thirty schools are planning to boycott the test, despite the Ministry’s threat to bring disobedient schools to the courts.

Some Catalan centres -0’78% of the total- are willing to boycott the test “as a means of showing opposition to LOMCE”, according to Maria José Ruiz, spokesperson for the Network of Insubordinate Schools (XEI). […] Catalonia’s Federation of Parent-Teacher Associations (FAPAC) reject the examination, as do teachers’ unions in Catalonia and Spain alike, and also Spain’s main confederation of Parent-Teacher Associations (CEAPA), which gathers 11.000 associations and more than 4 million families.

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