Wednesday News Roundup

Catalan MonitorNews Roundup

AFP | Catalonia vows to vote Sunday, defying Spain
Catalonia’s leader vowed Wednesday that a symbolic independence vote banned by the Spanish government will go ahead on November 9, setting up a constitutional conflict unprecedented in post-Franco Spain.

Image: @jordicalvis

Catalan Assembly | Catalan citizens complain to the UN, EU and OSCE for the violation of their democratic rights
Catalan citizens file complaints to request the support of international institutions to a Catalan referendum on independence.

BBC | Artur Mas: Catalonia vote to proceed despite Spanish ruling
“All peoples have the right to decide their future,” Mr Mas said, explaining his decision to continue with the vote.

Bloomberg | Catalan Mayor Says Spanish Government Pushed Account Claim
“Jorge Fernandez talked to the media to say that the story was absolutely true,” Trias said in an interview in Barcelona city hall yesterday. “It’s very serious.”

PressTV | Catalonia faces risks, opportunities: Analyst
If Spain’s Catalonia succeeds in gaining independence, it will face both challenges and opportunities, a commentator tells Press TV.

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Financial Times | Rajoy must go if Spain is to confront the threats it faces
Solving the political problems is impossible while the prime minister remains, says Luis Garicano.

Vilaweb | The Nazi party Golden Dawn, legalised in Spain with its headquarters in Alcoi
The party president is Antonio Vicedo Valdés, who was at the top of the Alianza Nacional extreme right-wing party list in Alicante for the Spanish elections of 2008.

Bloomberg | Spain’s Corruption May Set Catalonia Free
Spain’s ruling People’s Party, which scuppered the Catalan version of “devo-max” four years ago, has turned out to be so sickeningly corrupt that it has no right to tell anyone what to do.

Le Point | Catalonia on the verge of civil disobedience [French] “Ouvrir les écoles (publiques) pour le vote et tout acte de fonctionnaires qui collaborera en ce sens” peut tomber sous le coup de la désobéissance civile, un délit pénal entrainant potentiellement une interdiction d’exercer.

Inside Spanish Football | Catalan Independence and what it could mean for Spanish Football
Under General Franco’s regime, the fascist dictator who ruled the country for thirty six years, football provided the oppressed and the outlawed with an identity.