Promoter of anti-referendum manifesto says “vote is mafia-like”

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Prominent Catalan journalist Arcadi Espada is among the signatories of a new manifesto by Spanish intellectuals which demands Mariano Rajoy’s government “not to negotiate with the Catalan government to the detriment of the rights of all Spaniards”. The new lobby group, called Libres e Iguales [“Free and equal”] features other celebrities such as the Peruvian writer Mario Vargas Llosa and the journalist Federico Jiménez Losantos, who call on Madrid for a tougher stance about Catalan self-determination.

In a shocking statement, Arcadi Espada said that “holding a referendum would equal to have the Camorra establish itself in Catalonia; they don’t abide the law either”. The manifesto also claims that “the drive for Catalan independence is related to anti-European populism and will pave the way for the destruction of Spanish democracy”, ignoring the fact that all the pro-independence parties in Catalonia rally themselves within Europhile groups at the European Parliament.

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Libres e Iguales called on Spanish politicians to “apply the law to its full effect and clearly warn of the consequences of violating it,” in their manifesto. They urged them to reject any negotiation with Catalonia that would limit the sovereignty of Spanish citizens and agree to put any constitutional changes to a cross-country referendum. Spain’s political parties must avoid “the defeat of Spanish democracy,” they insisted.

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