ANC launches #GetWeaving!, a new campaign for Catalans to send informative letters to friends abroad

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Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 18.15.10The ANC (Catalan National Assembly), one of Catalonia’s biggest grassroots organisations for independence, has launched a new informative campaign in English, in which Catalans are asked to send informative letters to their friends abroad. The four different letters are available in Catalan and in English (under “Veure Traducció”, at the end of each letter):

Get Weaving! Letters for independence
“If you believe like us that a free, democratic Europe is in everyone’s interests, it should concern any European citizen that Spain’s government is doing its utmost to prevent Catalans from voting on their future. Putting it another way: who wants to live in a European Union that ignores (or worse, accepts) Spain’s attempts to muzzle Catalans? The chances of the European dream being realised are much greater if countries such as Catalonia and Scotland are given the right to choose. Catalonia has a remarkable European and democratic vocation and the best way of conserving it is by letting Catalans vote in a referendum.”