Catalonia’s Yes campaign to involve 100,000 volunteers in gigantic, door-to-door survey “for a new country”

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As the November 9th date is approaching, main pro-independence civil society groups Catalan National Assembly (ANC) amb Òmnium Cultural are gearing up for a massive campaign which could involve up to 100,000 volunteers. Both organizations are working under the joint campaign “Ara és l’Hora” (Now is the time”), which seeks to approach as many households as possible in order to secure a pro-independence majority in the 9-N referendum.

Still, Ara és l’Hora has chosen not to directly ask for a “yes” vote to citizens, but rather to listen what people want to be an independent Catalonia like. Bearing this in mind, volunteers will carry out a door-to-door campaign that will amount to a gigantic survey “for a new country.”

“Now it’s time to listen. Only in this way we will win on 9-N. Only with you we will be able to build a new country:

The survey will ask citizens on six matters, including welfare issues, which languages should be made official, or what the relationship between Catalonia and the EU should be.

Out of 100,000 volunteers needed, Ara és l’Hora leaders today said more than 25,000 people have already joined the campaign, which is set to start in 10 days’ time, or even earlier:

Nació Digital | “Ara és l’Hora” gigantic survey reaches 25,000 volunteers [Catalan] It is foreseen that the campaign will be launched on October 4th. The door-to-door campaign will be brought to more than 100 municipalities. A pilot test will be made in Martorell on October 1st.

Ara és l’Hora sources say everything is ready to launch the campaign on the very same evening that [Spain’s] Constitutional Court suspends the referendum. If this is the case, the volunteers will be called in front of the country’s town halls at seven o’clock so that to launch the campaign.