Pressure mounts on Catalan government as thousands demand vote

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Catalans took to the streets of Barcelona this weekend in a renewed show of force, this time directed towards pro-referendum parties. Chants of “Independence!” and “Unity!” were heard throughout the afternoon at Catalunya square in Barcelona, following a week in which the president Artur Mas announced a change of plan regarding the November 9 referendum, and parties staged opposed attitudes regarding what steps to take next.

During the festive gathering, the leaders of the pro-referendum campaign Ara és l’hora –”Now is the time”–, Muriel Casals and Carme Forcadell, sent a clear message to the Catalan government:

Catalan Assembly | Civic organizations to endorse 9N vote and demand plebiscite “before spring 2015”
“We will support the 9th of November, but we demand that they rebuild the unity of political parties and also require elections. This is why, here and now, we demand: Mr. President, call for a snap election in order to decide our future before spring 2015”, said Forcadell.
Casals added: “We will no longer consider any plan A or plan B. We want a single plan, sharp, with clear deadlines and shared by everyone”.

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