Catalan expats demonstrate around the world ahead of national day

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catalan-monitor-map-world-demonstrationsCatalans living in foreign countries are forming massive human V’s in anticipation of next September 11 –Catalonia’s National Day– planned demonstration which wants to attract one million Catalans on the streets of Barcelona to demand a referendum on independence.

From Seoul to Vancouver and from Oslo to Santiago de Chile, thousands of Catalans have already expressed their public support to the cause. You’ll find the map and list of future public events here, and the reports and pictures of previous demonstrations at the website of the Foreign Assemblies of the Catalan National Assembly.

For more information on September 11 visit

On September 11 millions of Catalans will again show their determination to build a new state in Europe peacefully and democratically by forming a giant V along the two main avenues of Barcelona, Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes and Diagonal. This initiative will be the third big event organized by the Catalan National Assembly (ANC) after last year’s Catalan Way, when 2 million people made a 400-km human chain from north to south of Catalonia, and the 1.5-million-strong demonstration “Catalonia, New State in Europe” in Barcelona in 2012. This year hundreds of thousands of Catalans and friends of Catalonia will form a V showing that we want and we will Vote to express our Will (Voluntat) for a democratic Way (Via) towards independence. – – we are ready for independence