Catalans raise human towers in Europe

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In yet another unique demonstration for self-determination, thousands of Catalans travelled over the weekend to eight different European cities –Brussels, London, Geneva, Paris, Berlin, Lisbon, Rome, Barcelona–, plus several other Catalan towns, to raise the traditional “Castells” or human towers with a political message: Catalans are united in their demand for a referendum on independence.

Vilaweb assembled all the international media reactions [Broad coverage in international press of human towers demonstration #CatalansWantToVote]. If you prefer Storify, check out Albert Cuesta’s curated list:

On the other hand, we strongly recommend the analysis written by Vilaweb’s editor, the American-born Liz Castro:

Vilaweb | Building a tower to democracy
“The secret to Catalan community is “associacionisme” or “associationism” and it’s evidenced both by the incredible number of neighborhood and pastime groups and the breadth of the work they do. In the Barcelona neighborhood of Gràcia alone, there are more than 400 associations—from human tower builders to fireworks devils, shop owners groups to hiking clubs. This “associationism” is the “pinya” for the sovereignty movement, the foundation that makes it possible to send castlers all over Europe, to line up 1.6 million people holding hands from one end of the country to the other 250 miles away…”