The Danish parliament to debate about Catalan’s right to vote on self-determination

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The Danish Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Danish parliamentary parties have been called by the Enhedslisten party (the Red-Green Alliance) to debate on the right to vote on independence. The debate will take place in the parliamentary session F26, under the title “On peoples’ right to self-determination”, and it is due on Tuesday, May 12.  The following appeal will be raised during the session: ‘How will the Danish government strengthen the peoples’ right to self-determination in relation to the remarkable majorities in the Catalan Parliament, the Catalan society and the Catalan government supporting a referendum on Catalonia’s independence?’

The Danish chapter of the grassroots pro-independence organisation Catalan National Assembly has started a petition gather support for the Danish parliament to issue a “strong message of commitment to democracy”. Read it here.