Prof. Thomas Harrington: “In Catalonia, democracy is organic and inherent to the people”

Catalan MonitorNews Roundup

catalan-news-monitor-harrington-usThe Catalan National Assembly interviewed Thomas Harrington, Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies at the Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut. The professor praised the assembly model used by the pro-independence movement in Catalonia, and offered his views regarding what should the “Yes-Yes” camp do in order to make its voice heard in the US and across the world:

“What Catalonia is doing is an example of pure democracy, but people in Europe are not accepting of this because they think it is strange for people to just ask for their independence in a peaceful and democratic way. This is how democracy should work, but it is not how democracy usually works today, so people do not understand it.

[…] I think that yes, there will be some form of referendum on November 9 — the idea of voting even though it creates an inconvenience, if you really believe in democracy and enough people are saying that they want to find out something, you have to let them exercise their rights democratically — even though from a convenience standpoint it’s inconvenient and could cause problems.”