Sastre stops hunger strike after 40 days, says struggle continues

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hunger-strike-for-catalan-sastreOn his 40th day of hunger strike, Jaume Sastre called off his protest for Catalan-medium language in the Balearic Islands. Sastre didn’t attain the goal of having Balearic president sit on the negotiating table to discuss Catalan language in education, but his action sparked solidarity among the education community across the Catalan Countries. This will presumably lead to further protests until the government accedes to discussing the contents of the controversial decree which undermines the role of Catalan language in schools and which has stirred the educational community during the last term.

El Punt Avui | Jaume Sastre calls off hunger strike after 40 days [in Catalan] “Sastre’s support team condemns “the deaf, irrational, insensitive and inhuman attitude of [Balearic Islands’ president] José Ramón Bauzá, obstinately refusing such a simple and sensible proposal as opting for dialogue and consensus in education”. And they add: “Calling off the hunger strike doesn’t mean stopping anything. Throughout these days we’re received and analysed plenty of proposals to step up the struggle with new actions which will be performed during the school year, because now the conflict is more chronic”.
Vilaweb interviewed Jaume Sastre himself:
Vilaweb | Jaume Sastre: “We showed Bauzà up, now it’s time to finish the job “Over the weekend, doctors warned him that the consequences were beginning to be irreversible. The people closest to him—and also people all over who joined and supported the cause—were urging him to give up the hunger strike, as he finally did. Sastre’s state of mind is “enviable and dignified” said his support team. He’s giving up the strike, but the educational struggle continues.”