Barcelona braces for massive demonstration for Catalan language at school

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More than 40 groups that make up the umbrella organisation Som Escola (“We’re school”) are calling for a historic demonstration in defence of Catalan language education at school. The event is expected to draw thousands from across Catalonia. Indeed, the protest has been called by teachers’ unions, parents associations, school & college federations and folklore groups.

The demonstration will be tweeted with the hashtag #somescola14j.

A remainder of what the protest is about:

Somescola | Preserving a success story
“Following the sentence issued by the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia, which obliges five Catalan schools to teach 25% of the lessons in Spanish language, calls for the current model of Catalan school to be preserved. We ask the education community and the whole of the population to jointly demonstrate in order to prevent the break-up of the Catalan education model.

Somescola also asks the Catalan Ministry of Education to be firm in the defence of […] the Catalan school, a 30-years old success story; a key tool for a more cohesive society, equal opportunity, and quality education; a model which does not segregate children according to their language, and that guarantees the learning of both Catalan and Spanish.

This mobilisation is a joint effort by Somescola [Catalonia], Escola Valenciana [Valencian Country] and Assemblea de Docents de les Illes [Balearic Islands], aware of the need to react to the judicial and political offensive against Catalan-language schools across the Catalan Countries.”

37 days on hunger strike – the Balearic government still not listening 

In the meantime, the Majorcan teacher Jaume Sastre is determined to carry on with his already 37-days long hunger strike. Incredibly enough, no one from the Balearic Government even met with the protester during his long fast. The president José Ramón Bauzá ignores Sastre’s plight to simply resume negotiations with the educative community, which has been protesting against the decree that threatens Catalan language education at school and attacks the autonomy of the educative centres.

More than 60 schools and colleges from across the Balearic islands have voted against the government’s education decree.