Defiant Catalonia leader Artur Mas calls early election

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Catalan independence (BBC News)

Mr Mas’s pro-independence CiU coalition has failed to agree on a joint candidate list with the second-biggest party, the similarly separatist ERC. But they say that before the vote they will present a common roadmap towards independence from Spain. The region already has a high degree of autonomy.


Pro-independence grassroots groups urge parties to agree on roadmap

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Agreement and elections campaign

The Catalan National Assembly (ANC) started a campaign to put pressure on political parties for a secession roadmap to be agreed upon. The independence process, which gathered momentum last November 9 with a symbolic referendum, has since stalled after the two biggest separatist parties have failed to agree on an electoral arrangement to bypass Spain’s permanent ban on a legal referendum.


Indications Show Catalonia Chief Broke Law in Referendum: Reports

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In several judicial decrees, the Civil and Criminal Superior Court of Catalonia considered that there were indications that the President of Catalonia and other members of his government did not obey the “express order” of the Constitutional Court to suspend the referendum.


Amadeu Altafaj to represent Catalan Government in the European Union

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Amadeu Altafaj (Catalan News Agency)

The former European Commission’s Spokesperson for Economic Affairs during the Eurozone crisis, Amadeu Altafaj, will become Catalonia’s Permanent Representative to the EU institutions.This position has been created as a way to increase the political weight of the already existing Catalan Government Delegation in Brussels.


Ten Elections to Watch in 2015

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A subsidiary factor in the [Spanish] election could be the future of Catalonia. Rajoy has been a fierce opponent of Catalan secession, a position that plays well in much of the country, excepting Catalonia of course.


Spagna: Costituzione in cerca di autore

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It is significant that, according to data by the CIS, from 1998 to 2012 the majority of Catalans gradually begin to turn away from the constitutional text, with an acceleration precisely from 2008 onwards.


Results of the Referendum

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Each year we make choices that affect our future – even more so when these choices are made by entire nations. In 2014 several regions around the world faced a dilemma – autonomy or unity.


The Remarkable Year in Protests

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A pro-independence protestor with a placard reading “My name is Catalonia” sits in front of Catalonia’s regional parliament as lawmakers voted inside in Barcelona on January 16, 2014.


Podemos courts the Catalan vote

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Podemos' Pablo Iglesias

The leaders of Spain’s emerging political force, Podemos, visited Catalonia on Sunday to try to convince voters that they are a credible alternative to the unionist-secessionist dilemma.


Spain’s state prosecutor steps down after spat over Catalonia

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Torres-Dulce had fought for the independence of his role when the central government pressed him to bring a lawsuit against Catalan head Artur Mas for going ahead with a symbolic vote on secession from Spain after Madrid blocked a full-blown referendum in the courts.


Joan M. Tresserras: ‘The dominant narrative’

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Joan Manuel Tresserras

“In the aftermath of 9N, and with all positions inventoried, Catalan politics seems to be temporarily trapped in the moment and the space of tactics. For this reason we must raise our eyes and take in a wider field of view–both backwards and forwards.”


Mas and Junqueras in parliamentary showdown

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Mas and Junqueras at the Catalan parliament (Vilaweb)

Asked by ERC’s leader whether he would call elections before year-end, the Catalan president responds that he would if they would be tantamount to a de facto referendum.


Agreement on plebiscite elections in Catalonia imminent

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Voters in Barcelona

Five weeks after the socio-political bomb of November 9, the president of the autonomous government in Barcelona has promised to reveal the resumption of the sovereignist process just after Christmas. His partner ERC is set to listen very carefully.


Catalan independence: one month to find an electoral arrangement

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Catalan pro-independence parties (Credits: CDC)

Catalan pro-independence parties are under increasing pressure to find the formula allowing them to pursue the next step towards an independent state. Although the Catalan elections are scheduled for 2016, few doubt that an early vote will likely be held during 2015 as the only way out of the current political stalemate.


ERC extends a hand, for now

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Catalonia Today

The passage of the Generalitat’s budget for 2015 could go ahead thanks to a gesture of support from ERC, which this newspaper reported on Saturday, after an internal debate to find a way to prioritise the social axis of consensus defended by the republicans and maintain the forward momentum of the sovereignty process.


Mas unveils plans for independence “in 18 months”

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Artur Mas' conference

Catalonia’s president Artur Mas yesterday unveiled new plans “to achieve independence in 18 months”. Following November 9’s non-binding referendum, the Catalan leader argues that Catalonia is in “the last stages of this process”, and declared that the “only tool” available to let Catalans decide their future is to call early elections.


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Carme Forcadell, leader of the Catalan National Assembly

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