Catalan independence: one month to find an electoral arrangement

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Catalan pro-independence parties (Credits: CDC)

Catalan pro-independence parties are under increasing pressure to find the formula allowing them to pursue the next step towards an independent state. Although the Catalan elections are scheduled for 2016, few doubt that an early vote will likely be held during 2015 as the only way out of the current political stalemate.

According to the daily El Punt Avui, Catalan political forces have one month to agree on an electoral arrangement which will enable the governing party –Artur Mas’ CiU– to dissolve the Parliament and call elections. This timeframe is the result of ERC‘s tacit support to the Generalitat’s budget for 2015:

Catalonia Today | ERC extends a hand, for now
The passage of the budget may now go ahead but the hand that ERC is holding out will not allow the government to relax for long, because the offer comes with a clear sell-by date alluded to yesterday by the republican spokesman Pere Aragonès: within 30 days elections must be called.

Artur Mas’ administration is not only under pressure by its allies on the opposition, but by the civil society as well.  The Catalan National Assembly, the nation’s biggest grassroots organisation supporting independence, has sent clear messages to the two biggest separatist parties: while insisting that independentists should rally around a single list –which ERC’s is unsure about–, it has also demanded that elections should be called urgently, something which CDC would rather not do without a unity electoral list.