Podemos courts the Catalan vote

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Podemos' Pablo Iglesias

The leaders of Spain’s emerging political force, Podemos, visited Catalonia on Sunday to try to convince voters that they are a credible alternative to the unionist-secessionist dilemma.


Catalonia court opens investigation of mock independence vote

Catalan MonitorJurist

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The formal investigation will center on Catalonia’s President Artus Mas, as well as Deputy Prime Minister Joana Ortega and Education Minister Irene Rigau for their roles in organizing or facilitating the November 9 vote.


Spain investigates Catalonia leader over independence vote

Catalan MonitorRussia Today

Artur Mas (Russia Today)

Catalonia’s high court said Monday it is going to open an investigation into the alleged disobedience of regional president Artur Mas for holding a symbolic independence referendum in November in defiance of Madrid’s opposition.