Unanimity in the international press: Catalan Independence returns a majority again

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Photo: excerpts from international media coverage of the Catalan elections on the 22nd of December

The parliamentary elections in Catalonia were closely monitored by the international media.

CNN highlighted that the support for the pro-independence parties represents a defeat for the strategy of the Spanish government:

The New York Times explained that the results demanded a reversal of fortunes for Mariano Rajoy:

Russia Today and France Press pointed out that the absolute majority of the pro-independence parties was again validated:

The Independent highlighted that the result was a “victory” for Carles Puigdemont’s party:

The Guardian also underlined that the victory of the pro-independence parties represents a disaster for the Rajoy government’s strategy, in this article.


In the German “Der Spiegel”, the headline article was that the pro-independence parties returned yet another majority.

The press agency Reuters indicated that Puigdemont had recouped control, and put Rajoy on the back foot.

The Wall Street Journal wrote that Catalan independence parties had won a “transcendent” election.

The headline of the “Corriere della Sera” referred to an “Pro-Independent Absolute Majority”:

Some media, like The National, a Scottish newspaper openly in favour of Catalan and Scottish independence, announced the election results with a sneak-peek of their Thursday front page:

Other media outlets tracked the results minute-by-minute. “Le Monde” created the #catalogne hastag, and the British BBC offered up images like this one:

On Sky News the highlight was a “victory for Puigdemont”.

Libération” also highlighted the independence majority:

The pro-independence majority was also headline news in the Financial Times:

The TV channel BMFTV summed up that the pro-independence parties gained 70 seats of the 135 available, despite the most votes for a single party going to Ciutadans (Citizens Party).

When the counting was nearly complete, prognoses and questions were raised. The writer and journalist Tim Parfitt, a correspondent for The Weekly News, went on to ponder if President Rajoy should resign:

One of the first media to give near-definitive results was Politico magazine:

Over and above the results, the Qatari outlet Al Jazeera disseminated an opinion piece by political scientist Jason Sorens, entitled “Cracking down on independence movements is a bad idea.” On their Twitter an idea that might seem surprising was highlighted:

Sorens was basically arguing two ideas. The first being that “it is impossible to erase the idea of independence from minds”. And the second, that “when governments try to eliminate the possibility of independence, they give themselves free hands to mistreat their ethnic minorities.” And he cited the conclusions of one of his studies:

“My research shows that democracies that define themselves as “indivisible” in their constitutions are less likely to decentralise power to their regions and give more rights to local communities to govern themselves.”

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