Day 7. The Referendum Campaign

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I must apologize to followers of this section about missing out on several days’ chronicles. Sheer exhaustion -largely emotional- has floored me. Yesterday attending the final meeting of the YES campaign in Barcelona. The day before having to go to Barcelona for an interview with Latvian TV.

Let me start off by saying that it’s not true that the NO campaign has been inexistent. Yesterday Catalunya Ràdio transmitted most of Inés Arrimadas’s speech at Ciudadanos’s final meeting at La Farga in L’Hospitalet. What a contrast!

While her speech was overflowing with hatred -all the part of her bitter, aggressive speech I heard on the radio was in Spanish only- all speeches (and there were plenty of them) at the unitary meeting for YES, were crisp, positive, all about the empowerment of people and a call to their  participation in the creation of a new democratic scene. Arrimadas’s speech was the soundtrack of repression, hatred for Catalonia (seen as anything other than a supressed chunk of grey Spain), with a stress on her army, her military sense of obedience and her immense tolerance to corruption (Arrimadas’s party is the major pilar f suport for PP, the most corrupt party in Europe).

Obviously, the big question is what kind of a bill will Spain have to pay for predictably antidemocratic “performance” against the people’s right to vote tomorrow. The Spanish Government wants the Catalan Police to block off polling stations (if not, there are thousands of Spanish military and non-miltary Police billeted in ships in the port of Barcelona. One of the most disgraceful episodis is the closure of the airspace over and around Barcelona to prevent press getting airal views of queues that will presumibly be formin before the polling stations, with or without opening problems.

The response of the Catalan people to these (daily) setbacks is invariably jovial and ironical. Now the big thing in the drone jokes, for obviously, it is now to be drones that will see to the images on the events in Barcelona.

More later.