Europe aligns with PP and PSOE in favour of a constitutional reform as the solution

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The Commission asks for the “Spanish constitutional framework” to be respected and drops the requests for talks

Straight after last minute pressures from the EU for Carles Puigdemont to stop the declaration of Independence, the European Commission have publicly sided with Mariano Rajoy’s government, while the Spanish President announced that he was going to go ahead with Article 155 against Catalan autonomy and that PSOE secretary general Pedro Sanchez gave his support and explained his proposal of a study for a reform of the Spanish constitution for the next six months.

Commision vice-president, Vladis Dombrovski said today before the press in Brussels: “We request respect for the constitutional order and we trust the Spanish institutions because Rajoy and Jean-Claude Juncker are in permanent contact”.

Dombrovskis demanded respect for the constitutional order when asked about the gesture for dialogue and negotiation made yesterday by Puigdemont. He made no call for dialogue nor any warning against the use of force as a political instrument, as opposed to the messages of previous days from certain European governments and political leaders.

German Foreign Affairs minister, Sigmar Gabriel, has today stated that a unilateral declaration of Independence would be irresponsible and a solution would only be found with talks based on the rule of law and within the constitutional frame. “Our experience shows that the strength of Europe lies in unity and peace, achieved by the unity of Europe”, said the statement. Furthermore, he considers that the demonstrations of the last couple of days shows that Catalan population is divided on the issue of independence. ·Ultimately, the only solution must have the support of Spanish and Catalans”, said Sigmar Gabriel.

The UK government has also today asked for respect for the Spanish constitution “Spain is a close and valued friend and ally, whose strength and and unity we value and we consider it essential that law be maintained and the Spanish constitution respected” said the Foreign Office statement.

Game change after Puigdemont’s move.

All these statements come on the same day as Rajoy and Sánchez have proposed a reform and the day after Puigdemont made a pause requesting talks. The terms of the talks have been put forward by PP, PSOE and the UE: a dialogue on the reform of the Spanish constitution. Without any details, but pushing the ball into the Catalan field.