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The Catalan News Monitor has been created by CIEMEN and Plataforma pel Dret de Decidir [Platform for the Right to Decide], a Catalan umbrella organisation made up of more than 700 associations and individuals from the civil society, representing a wide and diverse social movement from across the Catalan speaking countries, which aspires to full independence.

PDD has a long track record of social mobilization, namely some of the first great pro-referendum demonstrations (in 2006 and 2007), as well as active involvement in more recent actions such as the local consultations on independence (2009-2011) and the setting up of the Catalan National Assembly, Catalonia’s major civic organisation.

For more information about PDD, contact us at info@plataformapeldretdedecidir.cat.

The Catalan News Monitor is also supported by Fundació Catalunya, a private fund promoting Catalan language and culture, and by the Barcelona city council.

There’s an increasing public interest in the political process currently taking place in Catalonia. While just a few years ago Catalan politics were largely ignored outside the Spanish borders, the issue of Catalan separatism has of recent leaped into the public debate, also internationally.

In the age of information overload, we want to help international readers find the stories that matter; direct them to the great resources that already exist in this field.

The Catalan News Monitor is not the first web resource about Catalonia in English language. There’re actually quite a few excellent projects that address the previous lack of information available on the issue. Public authorities, civic organisations, news outlets and activists alike have all pitched in to tell the world what is Catalonia and what do some Catalans want for their country.

So why still another project? We’re news geeks, and as such we know that as much as information creators are indispensable, it’s increasingly vital to set up filtering tools as well. We’re content curators: we keep an eye on news published everyday in Catalonia, Spain and internationally and hand-pick those that matter the most, put them in context, translate into English if necessary and, more importantly, provide the links to the original source.

Yes. Plataforma pel Dret a Decidir, the organization behind the Catalan News Monitor, supports the right of Catalans to vote for self-determination, and in the event of a referendum, would recommend a Yes vote. However, the Catalan News Monitor aims to be a tool for the whole of the independence debate; for those who support independence, those who are against it, and also those who don’t know much about it.
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