Editorial: The Catalan Police and the far-right HispanoCatalan radicals

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Photo: Sergi Sol (Credit: El Nacional)

By Sergi Sol

From July 15th, 2018

Organized far-right battalions continue to act with impunity, hurting Catalonia. They’ve grown under protection of the State, and multiplied their violent acts, fueled by the royal speech from October 3rd of last year, spurred on by every new incendiary speech by the Citizens Party, every last cry from the Partido Popular (People’s Party) now fighting for its life with fierce anti-Catalan speeches, supported by nefarious characters from the PSOE (Spanish Socialist Party) like Josep Borrell, all the while immersed in the criminal silence of a justice system which closes its eyes or turns away, and shored up by some Spanish television channels that turn the violent actions of the extreme right into acts of civic and heroic patriots.

We can’t expect anything from the Civil Guard or the National Police, they will not stop them. How could we expect anything from these two organisations who have so often shown their shameful connivance, in collaboration. However, public safety in Catalonia is the responsibility of the Mossos d’Esquadra (Catalan Police). And they should exercise it. To be more precise, their political and police commanders have the political obligation to maintain order to stop violence on the streets, to protect people physically, and protect freedom of expression and opinion. And they tend to do what is required of them, with precision and effectiveness, as demonstrated by their response to the terrorist attack on August 17th of last year. All they need are some clear and precise orders.

These actions are proliferating shamelessly. It’s happening across the country, as if they wanted to seek to turn the streets of Catalonia into an extension of those of the Valencian Country, where for years and years fascist battalions of thugs operate to intimidate any dissidence, not to mention the beatings, bombs or murders.

The fascist battalions are a police problem and a result of the provocations by Arrimadas and her Citizens Party; a democratic problem that proves the lack of the rule of law.

In Santa Maria d’Oló, a few days ago, a band of fascists from Terrassa took over a street to remove yellow ribbons from houses. It is the second confrontation residents of this street have had, and the third time these people have visited the town. The last time the mayor and a resident were even attacked. Whilst this goes on, Arrimadas is taking her discourse of hatred around Canet, the same place where a group of hooded vandals attacked residents. The collusion of Arrimadas with the violence of the extreme right is so evident that if the prosecutor’s office chose not act against these crimes of hatred, it could be for no other reason than intending to protect the fascists and their clamorous impunity. The residents have filed a complaint, they have photos of the license plates of the cars of the aggressors. Meanwhile the judges look the other way, and the prosecutors play for time, and the cases languish.

But what cannot happen is that our Police do not act immediately, firstly putting a stop to the actions of these batallions with all the forcefulness that the occasion demands and, secondly, proceeding to arrest those who commit acts of violence. Its evident that with the parenthesis of article 155 [during which home rule was suspended] fascism has gained ground in Catalonia. But now there are new political and police commanders, so fascist impunity must now come to an end. There is no excuse for its proliferation. The fascist battalions are a police problem and the provocations of Arrimadas and the Citizens Party, a democratic problem that shows the lack of the rule of law and a trap that we cannot fall into. It is also imperative that the Government, ours, immediately set up an Office for the Defense of Civil and Political Rights in the absence of official justice.

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