Torra will not ask any of the JxCat (Together for Catalonia party) congressmen suspended by Llarena to leave their seat in parliament

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Photo: Quim Torra, Clara Ponsatí i l’advocat Aaner Anwar (Credit: ACN)

First stop on trip of the president of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, this Wednesday in Scotland. Before meeting with the first minister, Nicola Sturgeon, the head of the Catalan executive met with the ex-minister for education, Clara Ponsatí, exiled to Edinburgh. At her side, he appeared in a press conference in which he evaluated, among other things, the suspension of imprisoned and exiled ministers by Pablo Llarena, which he considered “indecent” and an “attack on the sovereignty of Parliament.” For this reason, he has demanded a “collective” response in the Catalan chamber.

“The sentence suspending the ministers is in line with the judgments that we not only do not share but that we regard as indecent,” said the President of the Generalitat, who, nevertheless, said that it is up to Parliament to decide on how to act in the face of the suspension. Torra recalled that when he took possession of government he said he only recognized the Catalan Parliament’s sovereignty, and that the suspension by Llarena directly attacks him. “It is the Parliament who must respond collectively,” he pointed out, and said that Together for Catalonia will not ask any of its suspended ministers to leave their seats.

As the newspaper ARA reported, JxCat had already told ERC (Catalan Republican Left Party) a few weeks ago that it had no intention of Carles Puigdemont leaving his seat once the suspension came into effect.

Regarding the legal situation of the minister Ponsatí, Torra is convinced that, in the end, Scottish justice will not extradite her: “This extradition will be won and will once again make Spain look in the mirror of justice” he pointed out. “We want you home and will not stop until you return. You will return, the prisoners will be free and our people too. It’s our desire and we work for this every day,” said Torra, who has criticized Spanish justice for persecuting Ponsatí “just for allowing Catalans to vote “, and has questioned whether this could ever have happened in the United Kingdom.

The minister took the floor to thank the President of the Generalitat for his support and to explain how she is experiencing her case, which is still pending resolution by Scottish justice. Her lawyer, Aamer Amwar, said that in the case of Ponsatí “there is clearly a risk of human rights violations.” “Clara is 61 years old and they want to demand 33 years in prison, which is a death penalty,” he said.

Meeting with Sturgeon

In this regard, he explained that at the meeting that will be held in the afternoon with Sturgeon, he will thank her for the welcome that Scotland has given to Ponsatí and will tell her that he would like the Spanish government to act like former British Prime Minister David Cameron, who allowed Scotland to hold a referendum on independence. He also added that he believes that they will be able to talk to Sturgeon about this second referendum that Scotland is preparing and whether she can give “ideas on how to solve this critical political situation that we are experiencing in Catalonia.”

Regarding whether the prime minister will publicly position herself in favour of a referendum in Catalonia, Torra has admitted that he does not know “if Sturgeon can make this statement right now.”

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