Previously unseen images of Spanish police violence aired by Sky News

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Photo: Police Violence on October 1st, 2017, in Barcelona (Credit: Sky News)

By Staff Writers

January 20th, 2018

Dastis or Zoido are going to find it even harder to downplay the violence of the police repression on October 1st, or call it “fake news”. The TV channel SkyAtlantic aired a ten-minute report this past Friday, where its journalists, in a “making of” piece, explain how they covered the referendum. The piece features unpublished, painful and cruel images of the actions of the Spanish police and the Civil Guard, in Barcelona.

The report is part of the “Hotspots: On The Frontline” series, which shows viewers behind the scenes footage of journalists and highlights the risks they face and the devastating situations they often witness. The majority deal with places at war: Afghanistan, Syria, etc. SkyAtlantic is one of the channels of the British 24-hour news channel SkyNews, a news leader in the UK.

See below for the video documentary:

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