Spanish government has sacked 252 from Generalitat, and imposed Spanish language

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By Josep Bou

January 3rd, 2018

The Spanish government has, so far, sacked 252 people working in the Generalitat, taking advantage of article 155, and also imposed the Spanish language on the administration, according to data published by today.

Among the formally sacked by the State are President Carles Puigdemont and the Cabinet, but also most of the sub-government, from general secretaries to general directors, and even occasional staff.

The action of the State has been a frontal attack on the representative bodies of the Government abroad, which the Moncloa always indicated would be a priority. The Catalan delegates were fired in France, the United Kingdom, Germany, the United States, Austria, Italy, Portugal, Denmark, Poland, Croatia, Geneva, Madrid and at the EU. Besides that, the staff of the foreign delegations as well as those of Diplocat have also been dismissed, since it has been abolished. These latter two imply the loss of 55 jobs. regards the sacking of the Catalan representative to the EU, Amadeu Altafaj, as of particular importance, because it implies that “the work of representation, defense and promotion of the interests of the Generalitat cannot be exercised, nor can Catalan agencies or companies be supported”. They also assert that the documentation of the overseas delegations which were closed has had to be transferred to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which has led to high costs. At the same time, their rental contracts have also been rescinded, and in some cases it has meant paying compensation or paying for all the months of the contract.

Spanish Language

A separate issue is the linguistic Spanishization of the Generalitat, since, according to, the State has ruled that the internal documents to be approved by the Council of Ministers [standing in for the government] must either be prepared in Spanish or translated. They have ordered that the internal documents addressed to anyone replacing a government staff member must be translated or written in Spanish. is a collective of people acting in defense of Catalan public servants.

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