Marta Rovira reveals that Spain threatened that there would be ‘blood and dead in the street’ if independence was proclaimed

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ERC leader Marta Rovira announced that the Spanish government had told the Catalan government that it intended to use the army and firearms to suppress possible assemblies of citizens, designed to defend Catalan institutions as soon as independence was proclaimed. In an interview with RAC-1, Rovira explained that the Catalan government had all the structures and institutions ready for roll-out, upon the declaration of the Republic, but that they decided to stop everything because of a threat which came via President Puigdemont and Vice President Junqueras from a ‘very reliable and previously-proven source’ who threatened “blood and death on the streets” if the deployment of the new state took place.

“I asked for further explanation regarding this many times. Puigdemont, in Brussels, spoke of extreme violence, and in the debates the threat of violence had been outlined, and of course we saw what happened on October 1st”, she said. Rovira asserted that she knew weapons were being brought in to Catalonia at Sant Climent Sescebes, where there is an important Spanish military base, and that the army was coming. “The Spanish government made it known to the Catalan leadership, via multiple channels that there would be extreme violence if we continued on the path to independence. These references to violence came from many different, proven and reliable sources”, she explained.

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The ERC leader said that the independence movement had been excessively self-critical, and that, in addition, this has been magnified and amplified by the media. She revealed that as soon as she was able to speak with the imprisoned government counselors, they had told her that “they had had enough”, that it was not true that they were not prepared to unleash independence. ‘You have to explain to the citizens that we were prepared, but that we were not prepared to take on a panorama of extreme violence’, they told her.
Rovira went on to give more detail about the nature of the threat of violence which stopped the deployment of the Republic, in this same interview.

Restore the legitimate government
Prior to this topic, the ERC leader and candidate on 21-D was explaining that her party’s objectives on 21-D were to constitute a coalition government with the other pro-independence forces (she said they had talked with PDECat, CUP and that they extended a hand to the ‘Comuns’ party). Rovira said that if the situation of repression were maintained, the proposal would be to restore the current legitimate government, with Puigdemont as president and Junqueras as vice president. From an operational point of view, according to Rovira, this would imply that there would need to be another executive government that administered the day to day from Catalonia.

She explained this: “In normal circumstances, Puigdemont would not be president if ERC won the elections, but we do not know what will happen. If the one continues to be in prison and the other in exile, and cannot campaign, our goal will be to restore democratic institutions and restore the legitimate government of Puigdemont, Junqueras and their counsellors.”


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