Unionists force drivers to shout “Viva España” and assault an RAC1 journalist

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Protesters participating in the unionist demonstration last night in Plaça Francesc Macià in Barcelona were recorded blocking the passage of drivers who refused to shout “Long Live Spain!”. The crowd let cars through whose drivers shouted slogans supporting the unity of Spain, only. The aggressiveness of some demonstrators has provoked some moments of tension.

RAC1 journlist Anna Vallhonesta suffered one such tense moments, when a male protester, leering and touching his genitals, attempted to attack her with a stick. When the protestor demands she stop recording, the journalist replies that “I can record whatever I want, the freedom of the press has not yet been restricted in this country”:

These facts have unleashed a wave of indignation on Twitter, where her tweet has already been shared over 9,000 times.

Original text: http://www.elnacional.cat/ca/politica/unionistes-obliguen-cotxes-viva-espana-francesc-macia_203355_102.html