Spain has political prisoners

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by Elisenda Romeu
October 17th, 2017

This evening, a judge of the National Court, Carmen Lamela, has ordered custody without bail for Jordi Cuixart, president of OMNIUM and Jordi Sánchez, president of the ANC, who are both accused of sedition for their roles as leaders of the peaceful but massive mobilizations across Catalonia in recent years.

The anti-democratic drift of the Spanish government is reaching unimaginable levels of corruption, repression and restriction to personal freedoms. Repression, that those of us who have suffered through the Franco regime, thought we would never see again.

The Spanish government has reduced the penalties for tax offences from 10 to 5 years in prison in order to protect themselves, of the most corrupt European political parties (PP – the People’s Party).  It shamelessly and continuously lies about the social and political situation in Catalonia, producing assertions which can be demonstrated to be blatantly false, such as, for example, that Catalan schools do not study Spanish. One merely needs to visit any school to see this is not true.

Meanwhile, the government and the parties which prop up its majority, foster a disingenuous narrative in order to stop and/or prosecute all those who do not toe the state’s ideological line. Is this democracy?
And how could Spain possibly be elected representative of human rights at the UN? Can one respect human right whilst taking political prisoners? How can a state meant to be a beacon for human rights order violent police interventions on peaceful defenseless people, trying to vote on a recognized human right, self-determination?

We should all be wondering where Europe is headed!

The incarceration of Jordi Sánchez and Jordi Cuixart is intolerable in a democratic society. But peaceful, massive pro-democracy mobilization continues and no one can imprison a whole population!