Barcelona Town Council halts actvity

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This morning’s committee meeting has been suspended in protest at activists Sànchez and Cuixart imprisonment

News of the imprisonment of ANC and Òmnium Cultural Chairpersons, Jordi Sànchez and Jordi Cuixart, for alleged charge of sedition, has affected institutional activity. Barcelona town Council has decided to suspend the Social Rights, Culture and Sports Committee meeting this Tuesday morning in protest against the court resolution. 


The chair of the committee, Catalan Republican Montse Benedí, sent a letter to all the spokespersons of the political parties informing that the meeting had been suspended, after consulting a number of them.

In her letter, Benedí stated that “freedom of expression, of demonstration and of taking part in politics are fundamental rights that must not be violated”. No group has attended the meeting.

A Spokespersons board meeting has been called to assess and decide whether the same should happen regarding the meetings Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday.
Reactions of Catalan politician at Barcelona Town Council

The members of the political parties of the Town Council reacted to judge Carmen Lamela’s resolution to imprison the two civil association’s Chairpersons.