Young Tarragona football fan tried for singing Catalan anthem at a match

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El Punt and CNM

A young Gimnàstic de Tarragona football fan was tried in València yesterday for having sung the Catalan national antherm, “Els Segadors” (the Reapers) during a football match almost four years ago. As was denounced by the political group Esquerra Independentista in Tarragona, the defendant faces a possible €60.000 fine. The trial was held on Tuesday morning and the sentence will be known soon.

Singing at the gate

The events that were tried yesterday occurred on December 19 2013. The Tarragona follower tried yesterday had travelled to València to watch a match between the local team and Tarragona. While the match was being played, he and another friend (22 and 23 years old at the time) sang Els Segadors at the gates of the stadium. As a result of this, the National Police identified the two men and fined them €3.000. While his friend paid up, the defendant refused and this led to yesterday’s trial.

The group Esquerra Independentista yesteday defined the case as a clear exemple of “national oppression” in a legal “wrapping”.