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Catalan president Artur Mas
Bloomberg | Mas Prepares for Early Vote in Catalonia Boosted by Polls
Mas is setting up an ad-hoc platform to bring together pro-independence voters across the ideological spectrum, said Josep Rull, the secretary for Convergencia Democratica de Catalunya, one of the two parties that comprises Catalonia’s ruling CiU coalition. That broad support would allow him to call an early election regardless of whether he can persuade separatist rival Oriol Junqueras to sign up to a joint ticket.

“If allowing freedom of speech turns out to be a crime, then we are not in a democracy”
Legal reprisal against president Mas for 9-N
Francesc Homs, Presidential Minister
Guardian | Catalan president faces multiple charges after independence referendum
Although various judges have backed away from what they saw as the use of the judiciary for political ends, the attorney general has now formally charged Mas, as well as the vice-president, Joanna Ortega, and the Catalan education minister Irene Rigau. The text of the charge claims that Mas “planned, supported and financed” the 9 November poll in defiance of the constitutional court.

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The World Economic Forum | Does independence make countries wealthier?
In cases where secession happened without real conflict and without significant alteration of previous socioeconomic links to the rest of the world, secession has not had any noticeable impact on the resulting economic performance.

CNA via Vilaweb | European Commission on Catalonia: it’s ‘always beneficial’ to ‘listen to people’
“There is one thing that I always find beneficial, with or without a referendum, and that is to listen to people; not necessarily because you agree but, without listening, you will never get any wiser yourself”, stated Margrethe Vestager, the new European Commissioner for Competition.

La Clau | Sondage Catalogne : légère majorité indépendantiste au Parlement
Les nationalistes conservateurs d’Artur Mas et les nationalistes sociaux-démocrates d’Oriol Junqueras l’emporteraient au coude-à-coude, mais n’obtiendraient pas à deux deux la majorité absolue.

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