Catalan government will go ahead with vote despite Constitutional Court ban

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Spanish Constitutional Court headquarters

The government of Catalonia has announced that the alternative vote on independence –a sort of “referendum lite”– scheduled for next November 9 will take place notwithstanding the ban imposed by the Spanish Constitutional Court. The court had earlier today made public that it had unanimously admitted an appeal filed by the Spanish government against the non-binding independence vote, organised by the Catalan government with the help of more than 30,000 volunteers.

Nationalia | Spain’s Constitutional Court suspends Nov 9 alternative indy vote, Catalan government says it goes ahead
the Catalan government says that the alternative vote was possible on the grounds that it was a “citizen participation” process, not a legally binding referendum. Catalan government Spokesman Francesc Homs said today that “everything is ready” for the “participation process” -i.e. for the alternative vote- and that the vote will be held anyway.

The Catalan government’s announcement came only a few hours after the Spanish Court declared its decision:

The Spain Report | Catalan Government Says November 9 Vote Will Go Ahead Despite Second Constitutional Court Ban
Spain’s Constitutional Court issued a new unanimous ruling at lunchtime, admitting the Spanish government’s second legal challenge to the Catalan referendum process for consideration, and ordering a ban on all activities related to the preparation and organisation of the vote.

Additionally, the spokesperson of the Catalan government has stated that it will sue the Spanish executive for abuse of power and limiting the right of participation and freedom of expression. Everything is ready for Nov 9 and the government maintains the participatory process”

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Image: The headquarters of the Spanish Constitutional Court (Wikimedia)