Catalan businesses advocate for an independence referendum

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More than 600 executives and entrepreneurs –mainly from small and medium enterprises– came together in Barcelona to set up Creiem en Catalunya, a forum in support of a referendum on Catalan independence and commited to respect “the decisions made by the Catalan citizens”. During the event, professor Germà Bel (Universitat de Barcelona, Princeton University) said that Catalonia should mirror itself in the Danish and Dutch economies, which “are forced to adapt to the world because of their size”. “They have good education systems, as well as flexibility and good infrastructures”, he declared, as opposed to the Spanish model.

The former minister of Economy of the Catalan government (2003- 2010), Antoni Castells, proclaimed that Spain’s economic model is “simply contrary to Catalonia’s interests”. “Spain will need to decide which model does it need, because the aspiration to reform the Spanish state is no longer central to catalanism“.

Nació Digital | Pro-independence businesspeople finally come out of the closet [Catalan] “To many Catalan companies, the market already is the world, the whole world. We must not be afraid of any decision made by the Catalans regarding their future, because us businesspeople are used to change, to detecting opportunities and building dreams. […] Whatever happens, no matter what the Catalan people decides, we entrepreneurs will stand by them with trust and normality”.