White paper: The National Transition of Catalonia

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Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 19.47.05The Catalan government has made available the white paper ‘The National Transition of Catalonia [pdf]’, a document that summarises the origins of the pro-independence surge and the roadmap to achieve statehood. It covers the different stages of the process, the organisation of a future Catalan state and the relationship between Catalonia and Spain. On the opening pages, the president of the Catalan government, Artur Mas, thoroughly describes the current situation and its beginnings:

Catalan government | The National Transition of Catalonia
For more than 100 years, political Catalanism has intensely and constructively contributed to the political and economic progress of the Spanish State, by participating and supporting all the major state decisions and submitting proposals for an amicable fit within Spain which recognises its identity and facilitates its development as the economic engine of southern Europe.

The 2010 Constitutional Court ruling against the Statute of Autonomy approved by the people of Catalonia signalled the end of this stage and the start of a new process defined by the steadfast desire of the citizens of Catalonia to decide on their own political future.