Motion in support of independence vote passed in hundreds of Catalan municipalities

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Some 300 municipalities in Catalonia, including its capital and largest city Barcelona, yesterday passed a motion in support of the 9 November independence vote that Catalan President Artur Mas is expected to call in the next few days. Another 400 municipalities are set to pass the motion throughout the week. Lleida Provincial Council (one out of four provincial councils in Catalonia) approved the motion, too:

Catalan News Agency | Barcelona and 700 other municipalities approve motions supporting 9 November’s independence vote With this action, Catalan municipalities want to back the parliamentary agreement to carry out such a vote, which is being unilaterally blocked by the Spanish Government. The motions will be sent to the Catalan Government, the Spanish Authorities, the European Union institutions and the United Nations.

Of the 947 municipalities existing in Catalonia, more than 900 could approve some sort of text supporting Catalonia’s right to self-determination and the organisation of a consultation vote to decide on the collective future of Catalan citizens.

According to calculations by online news website VilaWeb, municipalities supporting the motion represent over two-thirds of Catalonia’s population:

VilaWeb | Municipalities go all out for 9-N [In Catalan] At least 670 municipalities will hold town hall plenary sessions throughout the week in order to debate it and pass it. This means 70% of Catalan municipalities, villages and towns where 72% of Catalonia lives.

Since it is Catalonia’s most populated municipality, there was great expectation on the motion vote in Barcelona. Out of 41 town councillors, 21 voted for, 12 voted against, while 8 were absentees.

“Municipality supports #9N2014 consultation in a motion passed today by the #plebcn [Barcelona town hall plenary session]”