Independence goes to the movies with “L’Endemà”

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The crowd-funded documentary L’Endemà (“The Day After”) was premiered last week in Barcelona. Directed by award-winning Isona Passola (Pa NegreCatalunya-Espanya), the film received an overwhelming support from the outset, when more than 8,000 backers contributed €348,830 for the movie to be produced through a crowdfunding campaign.

Although the documentary itself is still not available online, you can read all about it at the Catalan daily Ara:

Ara | Independence goes to the movies with “L’Endemà”
Through the eyes of a myriad of interviewees, the film examines the pitfalls of a Catalan state: the fiscal deficit, infrastructures, pensions, dual nationality, the EU angle, the boycott on Catalan goods and so on. But “L’Endemà” hopes to be more than just a documentary and has some hidden tricks.

Although it’s clearly a political documentary, the active career politicians featured in the movie are few and relatively unknown. “I didn’t want to include any political leaders, because they all have a party bias”, says Passola. Most of the people interviewed are experts in the various fields that the movie deals with: economists discuss the fiscal deficit and sovereign debt of an independent Catalonia; researchers talk about the medical research needed in the new state; sociologists discuss demographics and so forth.

The trailer is only available in Catalan so far: