PP government steps up attacks against Catalan language in Valencia

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valencian-education-catalan-languageIt’s back to school time everywhere in Spain, but in the Valencian Country hundreds of teachers, students and families are protesting against the regional government as the new Spanish education bill (LOMCE) comes into force. Protesters claim that the interpretation that the Valencian minister of Education makes of the Spain-wide bill is so restrictive that it effectively ends with the Catalan-medium language schooling system.

Escola Valenciana | The minister of Education eliminates Valencian-medium language at school
“Application of the LOMCE [education bill] means that, for the first time after three decades, Valencian-medium language is abolished. […]

It is a consequence of the manoeuvres by the [Valencian] Minister of Education, who no longer forces schools to give some subjects in Catalan language, while forcing to do so in Spanish language. The administration is disparaging our language in education. Valencian and Spanish do not stand on equal footing, and in order to achieve their equality it is necessary to promote the lesser-used language. […] With deeply ideological motives the minister has started a bureaucratic and violent campaign against our main symbol of identity and, as a consequence, against real multilingualism”.