Expert group: “[independence] process perfectly possible and technically viable”

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The Advisory Council for National Transition (CATN), an expert group set up by the Catalan government to analyse the advantages and downsides of an independent Catalonia, has finally concluded its mission, with the publication of 18 reports which will make up a “white book on national transition”.

The CATN scrutinises, much like Scotland’s white paper Scotland’s Future, a wide range of relevant subjects should Catalonia secede from Spain. The referendum on independence, Catalonia-Spain relations or the monetary policies are all analysed in dept [some are available in English], with the ultimate goal of shedding light on the independence debate and enabling voters make an informed decision.

Ara | CATN president: “This process is perfectly possible and tecnically viable”
“After these 15 months I draw the conclusion that the [independence] process presents difficulties as well as many possibilities. Despite the difficulties, is a perfectly possible process. Technically it can be carried out, it is viable”, said Viver i Pi-Sunyer who, also made it clear that the process “may be lengthy”, although he didn’t want to say how much.